Thank you to everyone who attended Vue Fes Japan 2023.

Photos taken on the day will be released under a CC0 license, so please feel free to use them on your blogs, social networking sites, etc.

Time table
Time Table

09:30 - 10:20
Doors Open, Registration Begins
10:20 - 10:25
Kazuya Kawaguchi
10:25 - 11:05
Simultaneous interpretation available
Evan You
11:05 - 11:25
11:25 - 11:45
11:45 - 12:05
12:05 - 13:30
Lunch Time
Lunch Time
Lunch Time
Lunch Time

13:15 - 15:15

13:30 - 14:00
Simultaneous interpretation available
Nuxt to the Edge
Sebastien Chopin
Lightning Talks
14:00 - 14:15
14:15 - 14:45
Simultaneous interpretation available
A New Nuxt
Daniel Roe
14:45 - 15:00
15:00 - 15:30
Simultaneous interpretation available
Anthony's Roads to Open Source - The Set Theory
Anthony Fu
15:30 - 15:45
15:45 - 16:15
Simultaneous interpretation available
Vite: Stories of collaboration
Matias Capeletto
Lightning Talks
Exploring the Power of Error Handling in Vue JS
Hieu / グエンゴックヒエウ

15:45 - 16:30

Panel Discussion
16:15 - 16:30
16:30 - 17:00
Simultaneous interpretation available
Getting your head around your <head>
Harlan Wilton

16:30 - 16:45


16:45 - 17:45

Vue.js Clinic
17:00 - 17:15
17:15 - 17:45
How to make STUDIO 2023 ver.
甲斐 啓真 / Keima
17:45 - 18:00
18:00 - 19:30
After Party

※ Please note that the start and end times of each session may be slightly different.



Evan Youの写真

Creator of Vue / Vite

Evan You

Sebastien Chopinの写真

NuxtLabs CEO

Sebastien Chopin

Matias Capelettoの写真

Vite Core Team Member

Matias Capeletto

Anthony Fuの写真

Vue/Vite/Nuxt Core Team Member

Anthony Fu

Daniel Roeの写真

Nuxt Core Team Member

Daniel Roe

翠 / sapphi-redの写真

Vite Core Team Member Digital Creation Club traP in Tokyo Institute of Technology

翠 / sapphi-red

太田 洋介 / ota-meshiの写真

Senior Architect, Technology Innovation Group, Future Architect, Inc.

太田 洋介 / ota-meshi

wattanx / ワッタンの写真

Software Engineer, STORES, Inc.

wattanx / ワッタン

sorami / ソラミの写真


sorami / ソラミ

mizdra / ミズドラの写真

Front-End Expert, Web Application Engineer, Hatena Co., Ltd.

mizdra / ミズドラ

Nozomu Ikutaの写真

UnJS Team Member / Vue.js Japan User Group Core Staff Global Brain Corporation

Nozomu Ikuta


Platform Development 3 Group, Product Development Department, Product Division, CrowdWorks Inc.


Harlan Wiltonの写真

Open-Source Developer

Harlan Wilton


Front-End Engineer, TAMTO Inc.


甲斐 啓真 / Keimaの写真

STUDIO, Inc. CPO / Founder

甲斐 啓真 / Keima

山下 裕一朗 / Yuichiro Yamashitaの写真

Software Engineer, Flyle Inc. Svelte Core Team Member

Yuichiro Yamashita

Lightning Talks

きらぷか / kira-pukaの写真

Representative, Memoraba LLC

きらぷか / kira-puka

楢山 哲弘の写真


Tetsuhiro Narayama

t0yohei / トヨヘイの写真

Web Engineer, CrowdWorks Inc.

t0yohei / トヨヘイ

0yu / オユの写真

Front-End Engineer, Video Distribution Division, LLC

0yu / オユ

53able / ゴーの写真

Platform Development Group 3, Product Development Department, Product Division, CrowdWorks Inc.

53able / ゴー

fuqda / フクダの写真

Front-End Engineer, Paytner, Inc.

fuqda / フクダ

みゅーとん / mew-tonの写真

Front-End Tech Lead, Enabling Team, Infrastructure Group, hacomono Inc. Organizer, Front-end Engineer Gathering, VRChat

みゅーとん / mew-ton

Hieu / グエンゴックヒエウの写真

Front-End Engineer, Brain Corporation

Hieu / グエンゴックヒエウ

湧川 仁貴 / Hitoki Wakugawaの写真

Manager, EC Platform Department, Technology Division, TENTIAL Inc.

Hitoki Wakugawa

Sponsor Session

篠田 貴大 / Takahiro Shinodaの写真

Engineer, ProductEngineering Department, CloudSign Business Division, Inc.

Takahiro Shinoda

山本 一将 / Kazumasa Yamamotoの写真

Engineer, Unique Vision Company, Japan.

Kazumasa Yamamoto

鵜木 義秀 / Yoshihide Unokiの写真

Enabling Group, Developer Productivity Unit, Product Design Office, Link and Motivation Inc.

Yoshihide Unoki

小林 和弘 / Kazuhiro Kobayashiの写真

Front-End Tech Lead, Front & Mobile Group, Service Development Department, Primary Care Platform Division, MedPeer Inc.

Kazuhiro Kobayashi

市原 雄太 / Yuta Ichiharaの写真

Front-End Engineer, coconala Inc.

Yuta Ichihara

藤村 大介の写真


Daisuke Fujimura

wattanx / ワッタンの写真

Software Engineer, STORES, Inc.

wattanx / ワッタン

安積 洋 / Hiroshi Azumiの写真

Engineer (in charge of front-end), MNTSQ LTD.

Hiroshi Azumi

野崎 才門 / Saimon Nozakiの写真

POS Group, Product Development Division, hacomono Inc.

Saimon Nozaki

尾形 将平 / Shohei Ogataの写真

Engineer, EC Business Department, GMO Pepabo Inc.

Shohei Ogata


In addition to the sessions and lightning talks, we have many other plans to help you enjoy Vue.js even more in Vue Fes Japan 2023. Please stop by.

  • All images are for reference only.

Let's listen to experts!

Vue.js Clinic

Ask the experts any questions you may have about Vue.js, including any problems, simple questions, best practices, and more!  Please submit your questions in advance or on the day of the event at

  • Please note that due to time constraints, we may not be able to answer all questions.
  • Speakers are subject to change without notice.

Scheduled Experts

Evan Youの写真

Vue / Vite Creator

Evan You

Sebastien Chopinの写真

NuxtLabs CEO

Sebastien Chopin

Daniel Roeの写真

Nuxt Core Team Member

Daniel Roe

Why do you select Vue.js?

Panel Discussion

Trends change rapidly in the front-end industry! In addition to Vue, there are various frameworks such as React, Svelte, Solid, Astro, and etc. Many of you may be wondering "Which technology should I adopt for front-end development ......? ?

In this panel discussion, engineers involved in technology selection and product development using Vue will take the stage to discuss "Why did we choose Vue? The theme of the panel discussion will be "Why did you choose Vue?



Design Engineer, Ubie Inc.



Front-End Engineer, Product Core Development, STORES Inc.


wattanx / ワッタンの写真

Software Engineer, STORES, Inc.

wattanx / ワッタン


Front-End Designer, Platform Development 3 Group, Product Development Department, Product Division, CrowdWorks Incs.



Front-End Engineer, CTO Office, STORES Inc.



Vue.js Core Team Member, Representative, Vue.js Japan User Group


Various Other Events

Refreshment Space supported by giftee, HENNGE, TAM
Refreshment Space
supported by giftee, HENNGE, TAM
How about some tea or coffee if you're thirsty? We also have sweets that fill your stomach. Of course it's free.
Creative Wall
Creative Wall
We will set up a big creative wall at the entrance of the venue where you can write freely. You can write your name, something such as your passion for it. It's also perfect for commemorative photos.
Working together with Vue.js handson experience of application development will be provided. Learn more about handson.
Tattoo Space
Tattoo Space
Get into the festival mood by pasting Vue Fes Japan special tattoo stickers on your face or hands. You can add familiar logos such as Vue.js and Nuxt on the spot.

We'll do it again this year.

Vue Fes Store

The Vue Fes Store, where you can purchase original goods exclusive to Vue Fes Japan, will be available again this year.

Let's get excited about Vue Fes Japan by stocking up on original goods!

Vue Fes T-shirt's picture'
Vue Fes Japan 2023 original T-shirt. There are four sizes: S, M, L, and XL. Print on the front only.
Color: ネイビー
Size: S / M / L / XL
Vue Fes Parka's picture'
This is an original hoodie for Vue Fes Japan 2023. There are four sizes: S, M, L, and XL. Printed on the front and back.
Color: グレー
Size: S / M / L / XL
Vue Fes Acrylic pin badge (Vue.js)'s picture'
Acrylic pin badge (Vue.js)
A mini-sized acrylic pin badge using the Vue.js logo.
Size: W19×H17mm
Vue Fes Acrylic pin badge (Nuxt)'s picture'
Acrylic pin badge (Nuxt)
A mini-sized acrylic pin badge using the Nuxt logo.
Size: W19×H14mm
Vue Fes Acrylic pin badge (Vite)'s picture'
Acrylic pin badge (Vite)
A mini-sized acrylic pin badge using the Vite logo.
Size: W18×H18mm
Vue Fes Sticker's picture'
A special sticker featuring the logos of Vue.js, Nuxt, Vite, and Vue Fes Japan.
Size: W200×H122mm
Vue Fes Cushion's picture'
A fluffy cushion with Vue.js on the front and the Vue Fes Japan logo on the back. The material is a blanket-like fabric that is comfortable to the touch.
Size: W360×H360mm
Vue Fes Masking Tape's picture'
Masking Tape
Masking tape (15mm width).
Size: W15mm
Payment Method

There are two ways to purchase:


If you order in advance at STORES, you can pick it up only at the Vue Fes Japan 2023 venue on the day. Please note that We do not ship to your home.

・Pre-order acceptance period: Varies depending on the product. Please see each STORES product page for details.

・Pick-up date and time: October 28, 2023 (Sat) 9:30-18:00

・Pick-up location: Vue Fes Store booth at Vue Fes Japan 2023 venue

On the day of pick-up, please show your order completion email.

Same-day sale

Please purchase at the Vue Fes Store booth at the Vue Fes Japan 2023 venue on the day of the event. However, there are only a limited number of each product available on the day, so we recommend pre-ordering to ensure your purchase.

Payment methods for same-day sales are only cashless payments as shown below. Please note that cash is not available.

Payment method (planned):

Various credit cards, various transportation electronic money, iD, QUICPay, Apple Pay, UnionPay

* All profits from goods sales go to the operation of Vue Fes Japan or Vue.js Japanese users
We will use it carefully for group activities.


Event HallEntrance Photo

Place: Nakano Central Park Conference

Nakano Central Park South 1F, B1F, 4-10-2 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

JR Chuo and Sobu lines, Tokyo Metro Tozai line
5 min. walk from "Nakano" station north exit
* It is one stop (about 4 minutes) from JR Shinjuku Station to Nakano Station on the Chuo Line.

Check Google Map


Tickets for Vue Fes Japan 2023 will be on sale from 12:00 on Thursday, August 10, 2023. General tickets are available with or without afterparty, and all seats include lunch.

Hands-on tickets and individual sponsor tickets are also available as options.

We will use PassMarket as our ticket sales platform. A link to purchase tickets will be published on this website when they go on sale. Please show the QR code of the purchase completion email at the reception on the day.

If you purchase by 23:59 on 9/30 (Saturday), there is an early bird discount that will give you a great deal, so make your purchase early!

Purchase Early!

Ticket Type

¥ 8,000

※ Tickets sales ended.

¥ 11,000

※ General Ticket with After Party is required for those attending on the day of the event.


* Purchase of a general or general with after party ticket is required for attending only handson. * For more information, please see Handson.

¥ 10,000

* Tickets sales ended. * For more information, please see Personal Sponsor.

You'll receive your avatar and name.

Name Card

After purchasing a ticket and registering the necessary information, you will receive a name card with your avatar and name on it at the venue on the day of the event! (Social login required) We have ended providing the function, and would like to thank everyone who has created an avatar.

Child Care

We have prepared childcare support so that fathers and mothers can concentrate and enjoy the conference. Vue Fes Japan will subsidize the actual cost of those who used some childcare service on the day (up to ¥15,000).

  • General ticket purchase is required in advance.
  • Please apply for the childcare service you want to use by yourself.
  • After applying, the Vue.js Japan User Group will contact you by email within 5 business days regardless of whether support is available or not.
  • A receipt for the childcare service used on the day of the event (2023/10/28) is required.
  • After the event, the money will be transferred to the designated bank account within about one month.
  • Please note that registration will be closed for the first 20 people.


At Vue Fes Japan 2023, we will conduct a hands-on (style of learning while actually writing code) where everyone who participates can experience Vue.js application development while moving their hands together.

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn Vue.js or an experienced user wanting to catch up on the new development methods of Vue 3, you can learn the basics of Vue.js in 2 hours. There will also be Q&A by Vue.js Japan User Group staffs.

Please note that all hands-on tickets have sold out due to popular demand. Please note that attendance is limited to hands-on ticket holders only.

Personal Sponsor

If you become an individual sponsor, your name will be posted on the Vue Fes Japan official website.


Posting credits

Your name will be posted on Vue Fes Japan official website (applicants only).


Vue Fes Japan 2023 Staff T-shirt for limited

You will receive a limited T-shirt distributed only to the staff. *Sizes are S to XXXL. Please specify when purchasing your ticket. *It will only be available for pickup at the venue on the day of the event. Shipping is not available.


Priority entrance

Personal sponsor priority lanes will be available at the reception on the day of the event. You can enter smoothly without waiting in line.


Priority seating

Priority seats will be available in the front row of each track venue. * After the session starts, if there are vacant seats, they will be open to general participants.

In addition, in order to participate in Vue Fes Japan, a general ticket is required in addition to individual sponsor ticket. Please note that You cannot enter with individual sponsor ticket only. If you are not going to participate on the day, you can purchase only individual sponsor ticket (privileges will be credited only).


What payment methods are available for ticket purchases?

Credit card, convenience store payment, PayPay balance, and Yahoo!

Wallet. However, cancellations and refunds are only possible with credit cards and PayPay balance. Wallet. Please note that cancellations and refunds are not possible for payments made at convenience stores or through PayPay Wallet.

Also, a handling fee will be charged for convenience store payments.

Is Yahoo! JAPAN ID required to purchase tickets?

No, it is not required.

What is the early bird discount?

This is a special discount only for those who purchase tickets early. You can purchase tickets at a discount price, so please take advantage of it. The early bird discount ends at 23:59 on September 15 (Fri.).

What is the timetable and session content?

Please see the Time table page.

What do I need to enter the venue on the day of the event?

You will need the QR code that is included in the ticket purchase confirmation e-mail. Please be prepared to read the code from your smartphone or other device before coming to the registration desk.

What is a name card?

If you register the necessary information after purchasing your ticket, you will receive a name card with your avatar and name on it at the venue on the day of the event! (Social login required). Due to printing constraints, name card information registration will be accepted until 24:00 on October 3, 2023 (Tuesday).

(Social login required) The name card is required to enter each venue, so please wear it around your neck at all times.

If you do not create a name card, you will receive an avatar + name card without your name on the day of the event.

Is it necessary to create a name card to participate in Vue Fes Japan 2023?

No, it is not required. If you do not create a name card, you will receive a name card with your avatar and no name at the venue on the day of the event.

Can you issue a receipt?

PassMarket does not issue receipts. If you would like a receipt, please contact us via the Contact Us form with your name and order number, which will be included in the purchase completion email you receive after your purchase. Please note that we will issue a receipt (PDF) within two weeks after the event date of October 28.

Will lunch be provided for everyone?

Yes, lunch and beverages will be provided at the venue. You are welcome to join the lunch sponsor sessions at each venue while you enjoy lunch.

What is the after-party like?

After all sessions are over, you are invited to join us for a standing buffet-style dinner and drinks (alcoholic beverages are available). We plan to make it possible for those attending alone to enjoy the event. Please come and join us!

What is hands-on?

Please see the "About Hands-On" page.

What are the individual sponsors?

Please see "About Individual Sponsors." page.

I purchased a ticket but have not received an email!

The email may have been treated as spam. Check to see if it has been sorted as spam.

Can I cancel?

Cancellations must be made by Saturday, 9/30/2023. Please note that both cancellations and refunds are not available after Sunday, 10/1/2023.

Also, ticket cancellations and refunds are only possible if the payment method used to purchase the ticket is credit card or PayPay balance. Please note that cancellations and refunds are not available for payment at convenience stores or Yahoo!

If you wish to cancel, please contact us via the Contact Us form with the purchaser's name and order number, which are listed in the purchase completion e-mail you will receive after purchase.

Can I transfer tickets?

If you purchase multiple tickets at the same time, you can send them to your companions on line, by e-mail, or by printing. Please see PassMarket Help for more information.

If you purchase only one ticket, the ticket is not transferable.


Sponsorship opportunities have been closed as of 2023/8/31(Thu)23:59:59 . We thank all companies that applied.


Vue Fes Japan is Japan's largest Vue.js conference, established in 2018.

Literally, Vue Fes was born to liven up Vue.js together like a festival, to learn together, and above all, to enjoy together.

Last year, in 2022, it was held online due to the prolonged corona disaster, and it was a lot of fun with over 650 pre-registrations and over 10,000 views. In particular, it was impressive that there were many contents related to migration from Vue 2 to Vue 3.

In January 2022, Vue.js defaulted to its latest version, Vue 3. As a result, the number of downloads on npm has increased by over 200%, accelerating the adoption of Vue 3. In the ecosystem, Nuxt 3 and Vuetify 3, which support Vue 3, were released in November 2022.

While the use of Vue 3 is gaining momentum, Evan You, the creator of Vue.js, is also working on the next Vue.js. Just as Vite, which he developed, was released not only to the Vue.js community but also to other JavaScript communities, he is also trying to show new developments in the ecosystem such as Nuxt and Volar.

As Vue.js and the ecosystem continue to develop, we have decided to reboot Vue Fes Japan as an offline conference in 2023.

By all means, let's participate in the conference together and enjoy an experience that can only be experienced in real life!

Japan User Group representative Kawaguchi Kazuya ( @kazu_pon )


Thank you for your interest in Vue Fes Japan. For questions and inquiries to Vue Fes Japan, please use the form below. A representative will usually respond within 3 business days. If you do not receive a reply within 3 business days, please contact us via DM at Twitter. Sponsors, speakers, and participation tickets will be announced on the official website as soon as they are confirmed.


Vue Fes Japan 2023 is organized and run by core staffs of the Vue.js Japan User Group.



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