Vue Fes Japan 2024



Vue Fes Japan, the largest Vue.js conference in Japan, will be held again in 2024!

This conference, born in 2018, was created to celebrate Vue.js together like a festival, to learn together, and above all, to enjoy together.

The last Vue Fes Japan 2023 was the first offline event in 5 years and was attended by nearly 600 people. After a long period of cancellations and online events, the enthusiasm of the Vue.js community was palpable at this conference.

Vue.js has been steadily evolving since Vue 3 became the default in January 2022. The latest 3.4 series has seen 4.8 million downloads per week, major framework libraries such as Nuxt, Vuetify, and Quasar have completed their support for Vue 3, and the entire ecosystem has entered a period of stability.

Meanwhile, a new trend is emerging in the ecosystem around Vue.js.

Nitro, Nuxt's core server engine, is starting to be used by other metaframeworks such as SolidStart and Analog. UnJS, a collection of high-quality JavaScript utilities, has gained traction in the non-Vue.js community, and Vite, created by Vue.js author Evan You, has evolved into a next-generation tool that supports a wide variety of front-ends beyond Vue, with over 11 million weekly downloads.

In addition, we are working with the Rspack team and the OXC project to develop Rolldown, a Rust implementation of the Vite core rollup, releasing an initial version in March 2024, and other open source software around Vue.js is far reaching.

This year's Vue Fes Japan 2024 is the place to experience the latest trends. Please join us at the conference and enjoy the experience that only the real thing can offer!

Be More Collaboration! Be More Expansion!

Vue.js Japan User Group Representative Kazuya Kawaguchi (@kazu_pon)


Would you like to speak at Vue Fes Japan 2024?

Share your knowledge and experiences on Vue.js and its ecosystem for audiences at one of the largest Vue.js conferences in Japan.

At Vue Fes Japan 2024, we're inviting speakers from a wide range of backgrounds to submit proposals through our Call for Papers (CFP) process. The Vue Fes Japan 2024 organizing committee will review submissions and select them for inclusion as official sessions.

We offer two presentation formats: 30-minutes sessions and 5-minutes Lightning Talks (LT).

We're eagerly awaiting passionate presentations from those who adore Vue.js!

Application Period

Application Deadline:
July 21

Please check Vue Fes Japan's X (formerly Twitter) for the latest information.



Thank you for your interest in Vue Fes Japan. If you do not receive a reply within 3 business days, please contact us again. We will announce the speakers, tickets, timetable, etc. on the official website as soon as they are confirmed.