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A New Nuxt

  • As we approach the one-year mark since the release of Nuxt 3, let's take a journey through the past, present, and future of Nuxt and its vibrant ecosystem. We'll reflect on the progress since Nuxt 3 was released and think about what's coming next.
  • We'll start with what's possible today, before launching into some of the experimental features that will soon become integral parts of Nuxt ... and even some unannounced things we've been working on behind the scenes.
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Nuxt Core Team Member

Daniel Roe

Daniel leads the Nuxt core team - previously CTO of SaaS startup and founder of a creative agency focusing on clarity of vision and message. His open-source work has a focus in the Vue.js and Nuxt ecosystems and he's involved in consultancy with companies around the world, particularly around JAMstack, serverless and software architecture. He's based in the North East of England where he lives with his family, three cats, and a dog.